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"I once
Had a friend
That couldn’t fathom
I would proclaim,
“Men are so
With a hardened
Heart and
A clenched jaw.
He asked me
To give
Some examples;
And I poured
With corrupted tales
Of a woman’s crusade
To even
Control her own
I surged with
The truth that
All of the rosy-cheeked
Little girls
With their matted hair,
Dirtied tennis
Shoes and
Thirsty hearts,
Living in
The simplest meaning
Of the word,
Are born under
A glass ceiling that
Eventually crushed
Their backs,
Broke their
And took the
Childish gleam from
Their eyes.
I teemed with
The staggering
Numbers of women
That have endured
Rape and unspeakable
Trauma that
Are blamed for
The actions of their
Rapist in a court of law,
Because men
Are entitled to your
Body if your
Wardrobe warrants or
If you’ve had a little
Bit too much
That night.
I searched for some
Type of understanding
In him, maybe even
A hint of blind compassion
But instead I was
Slapped with
A jaded utterance
Of “not
All men are to
There it was.
No amount of
Gut-wrenching tales
Of citing the plight
Of women our
Entire lives
Could compare to
Their need
To make our life-long affliction
About themselves.
No fragment of our
Beings belongs to
Us anymore, not even
Our own bloody discord,
Maybe it
Never did.
Screams of injustice are
Always chalked
up to
Exaggeration because
Men have more
Important things to
Concern themselves with.
Because in the end,
The blame is the only thing
They’re worried about.
I couldn’t help
But laugh
At the thought
“How can anyone
Say men are
  brianna carrasco, ”through the looking glass ceiling” (via youwillunderstand)

(via youwillunderstand)

After nearly 7 months I finally had the strength to delete my exs number out Of my phone. I erased all of our messages and deleted every last photo. All I have left to do is get rid of his clothes. I’m hoping once the physical aspect is cleared the emotional one can start to clear too.